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K9 Axel expanding his search territory

We have just received an update from K9 Axel's handler. Axel is doing great and keeps his handlers happy. His weekly finds include illegal cell phones, mp3 players, Marijuana, prescription drugs and other items. We could not have asked for a better environment and handler for him. He has been so successful, that other facilities are now asking for his service and the team travels to other detention facilities in the State. We hear that he quite enjoys his hotel stays!

Turning a Rescue into a Rescuer

I often get asked about how to become involved with Search and Rescue. Usually, someone tells me that their dog is the ultimate search machine and will find them/their toy/food in a matter of seconds, no matter where in the house they are. Or they just got a German Shepherd and are now looking for something to do with their dog. Here is some information about what Search and Rescue training entails. First let’s talk about different areas of SAR. These are some of the more common ones:

Why It Is Not a Good Idea to Leave Your Dog in Your Backyard

Now don’t get me wrong. I do think, most dogs love the outside – at least mine do, and I love the idea to be able to provide my dogs with some off-leash time outside, where they can run, sniff and (yes, admittedly) dig a hole to their hearts desire. But I don’t leave them outside without supervision, or at the very least, I’m always close, listening and ready to react. Here are some reasons why it is not a good idea to leave your dog outside without watching them.

Scaling the Fence

K9 Axel Marijuana Find

K9 Axel came to us from the National Search Dog Foundation, who was looking for a career change place for him. Axel went from SAR prospect to a contraband detection K9 for a Juvenile Detention Center in Washington. We had so much fun working with him and his new handlers! Axel is a Boxer mix - talk about quirky! He is one of a kind, who taught us, that working dogs come in all shapes and forms. He loves his toys and has become a great asset for his human partners.

New Classes coming up!

We are thrilled to announce our new Drop-In Obedience classes. The next one is on June 8th, 9am at San Juan Capistrano's Descanso Park. To sign up for this class, please click here. We are going through general obedience, including heeling and in-motion exercises for the advanced dogs, as well as working on individual issues. To add to the fun, we'll bring our agility equipment for the breaks.

Talon - New Bed Bug Detection Dog

Talon, a Weimaraner / Australian Shepherd mix came to us from the National Search Dog Foundation, who had him in their Lifetime Care Program after rescuing him from a shelter. He is an awesomely handsome boy who never gets tired of working! After training him for finding the nasty little bed bugs, we paired Talon with John Noda from Fido Nose K9 Bed Bug Solution.

What To Do About Resource Guarding

After watching a widely spread video showing dog trainer celebrity Cesar Millan working with a food aggressive Labrador named Holly, we decided to put together more information about Resource Guarding and how to work with a dog like that without escalating the situation. We want to stress that we do not support Millan's 'method' in any way.

Heat Wave - Protect Your Dog!

While many of us welcome the summer heat, dogs may not necessarily share our enthusiasm. Some breeds are more prone to hyperthermia, but all dogs can go into heat distress very fast. It's not just the hot car, there are many situations which can be harmful. Find out how you can protect your dog this summer!

America's Rescue Dogs Got Talent!

Did you watch the amazing rescue dogs performing tricks on 'America's Got Talent'? Well, they are not the only shelter talents in our country. Read more about our astonishing rescues turned rescuers in our latest blog entry.

How to Put Together a K9 First Aid Kit

Check out our latest blog entry about how to put together a K9 First Aid Kit. The right kit and to know what to do in case of emergency, can save your dog's life! Creating your own kit instead of buying one can be cheaper and you can add items over time. Many stores offer empty bags that can be used as First Aid bags, but you can also use different storages, as long as you will be able to organize the items.

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