What We Offer

Professional Scent Detection

From Bed Bugs to Contraband, we have years of experience in training and coaching both handlers and dogs in detection and real life working situations. Whether you need a new canine partner, problem solving or a refresher course for a trained team, we are your go-to experts.

K9 Nose Work ®

This competitive and fun canine scenting sport has taken over the Nation! Watch and learn from your dog hunting for that scent in a variety of environments. Our team of certified K9 Nose Work ® Instructors (CNWI) not only have been supporting teams everywhere, but are also active in competitions as trial judges, COs and trial hosts - and of course, participants as well.

Obedience Training - Puppies to Oldies

Get your puppy on the path of a model canine citizen or brush up your old dog's manners. The saying 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks' is definitely not in our books and neither should it be in yours! We make obedience training fun!

Individual Training

We have been working with high drive professional canines and sports dogs, challenging, fearful rescues and an incredible variety of pet dogs for many years, catering to a variety of situations and environment. Chances are, we can help you! Contact us with your training issue - we'd love to hear from you.


Sadee and I have been coming to Rocksolid K9's Nosework Classes for 2 1/2 years. I have learned so much about my dog by participating in these classes. I may be tired after work, but would not miss a class. By the time we get started, I am thoroughly energized. We have also earned our NW1 and NW2 titles. In our NW2 trial we came in first overall. What a thrill!! Thank you Nicole, Laura & Chris. -- Esther Horn with Sadee

I've been training my third nose work dog, Stitch, at Rock Solid for a little over a year and we are having so much fun! Stitch is a Pekingese, and he's been a bit of a challenge to learn to read, but thanks to Nicole, Chris and Laura, we have made tremendous progress. He's passed his birch and anise ORTs, and he LOVES the game. Nicole, Chris and Laura make class so much fun -- they think up all kinds of challenging games to play that make searching educational and interesting. I can't recommend Rock Solid enough! I like it so much I travel 25 miles each direction to attend class. -- Maryanne Dell

Nicole is an amazing trainer. She's always helpful and hardworking, all while keeping a smile on her face! She trained my dog, Oliver, both in obedience and while we were getting our certification for explosives detection. She really understands the needs of the dog - and the owner! -- Jen Samudio and Oliver, Explosive Detection, Belgian Malinois

Nicole brings much ability and compassion to her dog training. She works well with both dogs and people, and is sensitive to constructing the right program for the team. She is a great teacher who stays current on new information and methods in dog training. She makes training and learning enjoyable! -- Amy Herot, Co-Founder of K9 Nose Work ® and Owner of All Good Dogs

Rock Solid K9 tailors instruction to my dog's temperament and my skill set. -- N. M.

I had already been working with my bedbug dog C.C. For almost a year when I meet Nicole, she came to Seattle to re certify us as a team. Her knowledge of scent theory and Canine training have helped me transform our dog into a MUCH more confident canine, and turned us into a much more effective team... Thanks Nicole!! -- Tony Haigh and C.C.,Bed Bug Detection