Bed Bug Detection

Training Teams for Real Work Environment

Starting with a rock solid detection canine, trained on live bed bugs, to support and maintain handler and dogs throughout the USA and Canada; with our instructors, you will get a down-to-earth, hands-on approach to successfully and effectively work together as a team. The bed bug detection industry is fast growing and we have been growing with it from the start. We believe in keeping up to date not only with our training methodology, but also with the industry's current standards and legalities. Our connection to the working teams is very important to us and we regularly accompany units on their jobs, in order to stay current on real life scenarios. We are fortunate to be able to train new dogs along with working teams on real assignments, making sure, they are up to the task.

The majority of our dogs are rescues, either directly from a shelter or a rescue organization. We spend a lot of time, evaluating shelter dogs, either locally or, with the help of our network, throughout the USA.

Curious? Contact us for more information - ask us for references and testimonials. Whether you need a new K9 partner or support for your current teams, we are here for you. We offer individualized workshops at your location for your team.