Chris Busch, CNWI

K9 Nose Work Instructor, Engineer for everything

Chris Busch, Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) joined the staff at Rock Solid K9 after receiving his Instructor Certification. Chris has been very active with the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) since 2008 when he first started training his Weimaraner (Barley). Chris has watched this new sport grow since the very first sanctioned trial and is proud to be involved with this growing sport. At that time classes and trials were only being held in Southern California. Since then the sport has grown nationwide.

His passion for this sport compelled him to learn more about canine behavior. He has been volunteering his time with the behavior and education department at his local shelter. During the time he has spent at the shelter he has helped with assessing dogs before being adopted or for special programs which involved the dogs interacting with children or elderly people. He has also spent countless hours volunteering at NACSW trials watching how dog/handler teams work and communicate to each other.

Favorite Breeds: Weimaraner
He has been owned by: Cocker Spaniels, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, German Shepard/Austrian Shepard mix, Labrador, Weimaraners.