Connie Kelly, CNWI, CDT, CCBC-KA

K9 Nose Work Instructor, Obedience Coach and Behavior Specialist

Connie Kelly has been teaching people and their dogs how to integrate in a family structure and have fun since 2006.

Connie is a balanced dog trainer. She has specialized in the family pet and uses clear concise communication with the dog. Connie has previously taught classes for puppies (AKC Puppy S.T.A.R.); beginning and advanced obedience, including CGC (AKC Canine Good Citizen); therapy dog classes; and continuing education. Additionally, she has introduced hundreds of dogs and their owners on the basic use of agility equipment.

In her constant desire to learn more about dogs and their behaviors (which impact their relationship with their humans), Connie went through the demanding process of becoming a Certified Behavior Consultant-Canine. As a Certified Behavior Consultant-Canine, Connie has learned that all behaviors have consequences. By teaching humans the best way to communicate consequences to their dogs for any given behavior, she teaches them to train their dogs efficiently. A consequence can be a treat, praise, physical appreciation (petting) or a grumble to tell the dog that he is not on the right track. Clear and consistent communication creates a learning environment that supports overall family success. A well trained dog is a joy forever (and lots of fun!). Connie has worked with hundreds of dogs in all sizes and many breeds.

Connie's newest passion is K9 Nose Work®. As a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) she teaches classes in San Diego and Orange Counties, California. Her working dog is Peaches.

Connie is an active volunteer and member of the Board of Directors for Love on a Leash ®, the Foundation for Pet Provided Therapy. All three of her dogs (Taco, Peaches and Dok) are currently certified to do therapy work.

Favorite Breeds: Australian Shepherds are Connie's breed of choice (she has raised and trained 6 family Aussies over the past 20 years). Has also been owned by: Farm Collie, Rough Collie, Dachshund and several Mutts.

  • Masters in Counseling Psychology
  • Certified Behavior Consultant Canine
  • IACP Certified Dog Trainer
  • K9 Nose Work® - Certified Nose Work Instructor
  • C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator
  • CGC Evaluator