Continuing Odor

More of the fun K9 Nose Work® Game!

This set of courses is for every dog (and handler) who has completed the official NACSW Introduction to Odor course or is on at least the first scent (Birch). We are continuing to challenge the team, introducing more difficult hides and eventually start going for the second and third odor (Anise and Clove). We advance at each team's own pace and keep the training flexible and fun. We will not start a new odor unless you and your dog feel comfortable with the response to the previous scent. At the same time, we introduce new and more challenging hides and situations.

These courses may include coaching for trials.

These are 6 weeks course installments and we get you going with more scents (Birch, Anise and Clove) as well as handler challenges. These are great classes for all type of teams, whether you intent to compete or just keep it as a leisurely game. All of our instructors are certified Nose Work instructors (CNWI) with years of experience, not only as instructors, but also as competitors, trial judges, trial hosts, COs and volunteers.

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