Introduction To K9 Nose Work®

The official NACSW Intro To K9 Nose Work® Course

This official NACSW introduction class is designed for all dogs of all ages and sizes. We accept puppies from 12 weeks and encourage you to bring your seniors as well. This beginning course will introduce both you and your dog to the game of K9 Nose Work®. We start with boxes and your dog's favorite treat or toy. We gradually build up your dog's desire to hunt for the primary motivator. The dogs and handlers will work in a variety of environments with instruction about how to handle the changes to ensure success for the dog. This is a game! Let's have fun!

This is a 6 weeks course and will start you and your dog in the game of K9 Nose Work®. Whether you decide to compete or just want to have fun, this is the place to begin. All of our instructors are certified Nose Work instructors (CNWI) with years of experience, not only as instructors, but also as competitors, trial judges, trial hosts, COs and volunteers.

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