Introduction To Odor

The official NACSW Introduction To Odor Course

Introduction to Odor is open to teams that have attended the Introduction to K9 Nose Work® class with Rock Solid K9 or with another Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI). In the Introduction to Odor class, we will revisit the box game and add an odor (Birch) to the environment. We will teach the dog to recognize the odor as something important to the handler and worthy of a paycheck. We spend even more time working with the handler in this class, encouraging the observation of the dog when he catches odor and hunts down the odor for yummy treats or a favorite toy.

This course is where the real fun starts! Watch and learn from your dog, as he or she hunts down the odor, observe the dog's body language and communication as your dog tells you that odor has been found and that he or she would like to be paid.

This is a 6 weeks course. All of our instructors are certified Nose Work instructors (CNWI) with years of experience, not only as instructors, but also as competitors, trial judges, trial hosts, COs and volunteers.

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