Nicole Reusser, CNWI

Scent Detection K9 Trainer, K9 Nose Work Instructor, Obedience Coach and Problem Solver

Nicole always had a heart for dogs, walking and training the neighborhood dogs when she grew up in Switzerland. After she came to the United States, she rescued a Shar Pei/Ridgeback mix, an unusual dog, who led her into different aspects of dog training including Search and Rescue. After training several years in Search and Rescue, she went through an internship at a local dog training school and quickly became a full time trainer for a K9 training school in California, training working dogs for detection and protection for the police and private companies, teaching handler seminars and working with pet owners in group and individual classes. While working a lot with rescue dogs, especially Malinois, she learned to work with reactive and aggressive dogs. She has trained numerous detection K9s for both public and private sector.

Her passion is the Search and Rescue training with the Orange County FEMA taskforce, working her Malinois Frida and training IPO/Schutzund. She is a member of the Southern California Schutzhund Club, where she trains her dogs. Nicole also teaches K9 Nose Work classes and is a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) and a trial judge.

Favorite Breed: Belgian Malinois
Has been owned by: Numerous mutts, including a Shar Pei/Ridgeback, Belgian Malinois and Labradors


I can't praise Nicole highly enough for her patience, understanding and time. Not only has Nicole taken the time to bring me along in my understanding of dogs, but I have also seen her generously and eagerly take her time to further others' understanding and training. Dogs are far more than an occupation for Nicole; dogs are Nicole's passion. Her willingness to discuss, educate and spend her free time on and with canines is apparent to all who have the priviledge of training or working their dogs with her. I consider myself fortunate to have spent time with such a patient and willing teacher. -- Aron Pillard

I have known and worked with Nicole for two years in both a group and one-on-one obedience training environment with my German Shepherds. She has an intuitive talent for reading dog and human behavior and interactions to help identify problem areas in training. A keen observer and attentive listener, she analyzes every unique situation to offer practical, positive, reward-based techniques for motivating both you and your canine partner into becoming a more confident and successful team! -- Eileen Heniff with Eva and Dani, German Shepherds, Pet and Sport Dog


Nicole is an outstanding dog trainer and an excellent coach. She is patient with both canine and handler. She continues to be available to answer questions as they arise. I would love the opportunity to work with Nicole in the future. -- Michele Cruzat and Zero, Bed Bug Detection

I spent a year looking for a trainer that I was comfortable with and who I felt was incredibly knowledgeable. I had four different trainers prior to finding Nicole. From the first time we talked on the phone, I was sold! Nicole talked to me for at least 30 minutes, answering all of my questions with incredible patience, knowledge, experience, and humor. Meeting her in person only solidified my first impression. She is a fantastic trainer, who really understands dogs, and their trainers :). To top that off, she recommended new foods when I told her my dog had been having stomach issues and gave me great advice about more natural remedies (canned pumpkin). Finally, all you need to do is watch her work with her dogs Frida, Simba, or Angel to see what a great trainer she is. -- Donna German and Wyatt, Malinois