K9 Nose Work®

Competition level or just fun

If there is an activity for energetic, shy, slow, old or young dogs, this is it! Have you ever watched your dog sniffing and working his way towards finding a toy or some food and thought how good your dog would be as detection dog? Well, this is your chance. Whether you want to dive into the world of scent dogs, have a high energy dog who needs an outlet for all the pent-up power or a shy fuzzy furball, who needs more self-esteem, this is the right class for the both of you.

K9 Nose Work® is a great sport for all types of dogs. We work without the stress of actual working K9s, watching our dogs teach us their survival instict by sniffing and hunting for their reward. This is a fun way to burn all that energy and build up lots of confidence.

Dogs have an incredibly profound sense of smell. This is a good analogy: When you walk into a flower store, what do you smell? Flowers! Right?

When the dog walks into the store she can discern the scents of the individual flowers, the greens, the water, the plant food, the carpet, the glue holding the carpet, the paper, the last guy who bought flowers for his girl friend and the girls friend's perfume. And that's just the beginning. A dog can have over 200 million sensory cells within her olfactory system. Humans have approximately 5 million. You do the math. Dogs smell better than humans!

What can the pet dog owner do with the information that is meaningful for his pet, you ask? Why, have FUN, of course!! K9 Nose Work® is a fun activity for dogs and their humans that builds the relationship between the two species and challenges their brains. We all know that dogs need physical exercise to be healthy. They also need mental stimulation and challenges to have a healthy mind, just like humans. No experience necessary! Just get started.

The game starts with getting the dog excited about hunting for food or a favorite toy. Those high energy dogs will burn calories and work the brain cells running around. The old dog works at his own pace and continues his joy in finding something new. The shy or reactive dog can play with out fear since dogs are crated and separated with only one dog working at a time. Rock Solid K9 Nose Work® classes are taught by Certified Canine Nosework Instructors (CNWI) who completed the certification process with the National Association of Canine Scent Work® (NACSW). Our trainers will help you learn this amazing game and, if your are interested, help learn about the competition aspect of K9 Nose Work®. K9 Nose Work® teaches the human team member to carefully observe the dog and follow her lead. As the team grows in experience and confidence, the communication increases and refines. And, as we know, communication is the basis of a beautiful relationship. We find that in many cases fearful and shy dogs come out of their shells and just play the game. What a gift to give your teammate!

We are teaching people at all levels of the game and competition. We start with the basic Introduction to K9 Nose Work® and take you through the process as far as you want to go. Maybe just having fun with the game of maybe all the way to Nose Work 3 Elite®! Check the calendar and see what works for your schedule and give us a call.