Obedience Training

For couch potatoes and top competitors!

Our weekly obedience classes focus on your dog. We do not apply a one-for-all training method, but instead create a program that fits you and your dog. Whether you just got your new pooch or you want to brush up on manners, prepare for competitions or shows, we can help. We keep our group classes small to make sure, we can dedicate our attention to each and every team.

Nicole Reusser and Connie Kelly are our Obedience Instructors. With their expertise in a variety of breeds and behavior, they can help with complex issues as well as regular obedience training. For us, not two dogs are the same. We discuss your situation before we start training and talk to you about the training technique we feel is a good match specifically for you and your dog. We also want to make sure, you will be able to apply the training when you are at home as well as out and about - and not just in class. This training is not just for your dog! It's as much about the handler as it is about the canine.

We offer on-going drop in classes as well as scheduled courses.

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