Odor Hunt

A Rock Solid K9 Scenting Adventure

We created the Odor Hunt with our busy Nose Working teams in mind. This one is for you! Whether you want to fit in a quick odor workout between running errants or give your dog the chance to go sniffing in different locations, all while getting critics and training advice from certified K9 Nose Work® instructors (CNWI) and not having to sign up for a whole course, our Odor Hunt is sure to provide not only fun, but also a valuable experience in a compact time frame.

How does it work? Sign up for the date and location you want and you will receive a time when you have to be at the location within the time frame advertised on the calendar. You may request a specific time, but we cannot guarantee any time slot.
Cost$25 per dog
Current offered Locations   Irvine, Orange County
Echo Park, Los Angeles

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