Odor Hunt

A Rock Solid K9 Scenting Adventure, December 18, 9am

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This is a special Odor Hunt, a repeat of last year's successful food drive for kids in Los Angeles. Ryoko Matsui teaches in an area populated by many less privileged families and her students, children, often go hungry. This big-hearted teacher not only does her best to assure, that these kids have at least one full meal every school day, she also holds fundraisers, collecting food, clothing and money to support the families. As if this isn't enough, she also rescues dogs from the streets in her neighborhood. We are truly impressed by this lady and having met her personally, by her modesty and mindset.

We want to share our blessings from this year and are holding a special Odor Hunt on December 18, Sunday, 26238 Enterprise Ct, Lake Forest, CA 92630, starting at 9am - ending around 4pm. Ryoko's student's families mostly benefit from Ralphs gift cards, they can be used at stores like Food for Less as well. If you like to sign up for the December 18 Odor Hunt, please either bring a Ralphs gift card for $25 or more to the Odor Hunt and that counts as your entry fee. If you would like to donate something in addition to the gift card, children's toys for Christmas or non-perishable food items are also welcome.

We are looking for a great many search teams to have fun on this day and to support children in need at the same time! This is Ryoko's class website: https://sites.google.com/site/msmatsuinowacademy/.

We created the Odor Hunt with our busy Nose Working teams in mind. This one is for you! Whether you want to fit in a quick odor workout between running errants or give your dog the chance to go sniffing in different locations, all while getting critics and training advice from certified K9 Nose Work® instructors (CNWI) and not having to sign up for a whole course, our Odor Hunt is sure to provide not only fun, but also a valuable experience in a compact time frame.

Coaching this event are some of our certified K9 Nose Work® Instructors: Nicole Reusser, Laura Busch and Chris Busch. All of them have years of experience as competitors, judges, trial hosts and COs.