Professional Scent Detection

Effective teams, high work ethics and success!

Through the last couple of years of training detection dogs, we constantly refined the way we work with the dogs. When we train our own dogs, we start the process with a thorough testing and careful selection of the K9. At the same time we know how to solve problems, be it improving accuracy, solving environmental issues or increasing speed and reliability. We use creative approaches catered each K9 to make sure, to get the maximum training effect. Whether we train our dogs or yours, the dogs who finish our program are rock solid. We recognize that there is a conflict of interest in certifying our own dogs, which is, while we do offer our own Rock Solid K9 certification, we strongly recommend the handlers to go through other third party certification processes with the finished dogs. If you are interested in having your dog go through our certification, we are more than happy to send you our Rock Solid K9 certification handbook, detailing exactly how our certifications look like.

Our expertise range from SAR, narcotics and explosives detection to the more 'civilian' type of work like bed bug detection. We happily provide more information about our dogs and our certification process as well as additional testimonials upon request.

Most of our dogs are rescued directly from a shelter environment or organization. They are between 10 months and 2 years old, extremely driven and social. We put them through a rigorous evaluation process before we even decide to take on a dog - this includes a visit at the veterinary. We work closely with a large network of rescue organizations and working dog professionals to find those rare canine gems, who make it through our training and graduate a working K9.

Contact us for more information. We are happy to put you in touch with teams we have trained before!