Our Services

  • Professional Scent Detection

    Creating, supporting and maintaining effective search teams all over the Nation while providing up to date training techniques is part of our professional scent detection services. If you are looking for a new dog, we start with a thorough evaluation and a dedicated network to find an outstanding, socially solid and healthy working canine and go through many different stages, including actual field work before we pair the handler with his or her new K9 partner. The dogs are part of our families, while they are with us and learn the everyday life and social interactions of a household.

  • K9 Nose Work®

    K9 Nose Work® is a fun activity for dogs and their humans that builds the relationship between the two species and challenges their brains. Rock Solid K9 Nose Work® classes and workshops are taught by Certified Canine Nosework Instructors (CNWI) who completed the certification process with the National Association of Canine Scent Work®. Our trainers will help you learn this amazing game and can guide you to be an effective and competitive team. We offer classes, workshops, events and seminars. Check our calendar for our K9 Nose Work schedule.

  • Obedience Training

    With years of practical experience including numerous challenging shelter dogs and working canines, continuing education of our team members about up to date training techniques, behavior studies and competing in a variety of dog sports, we know, we can provide you with a different angle to make obedience training fun and practical. We give you the tools to work with your dog in a sound and effective way. Our trainers go beyond any standard training method and provides practical training advise, which takes the dog's daily environment into account.

  • Classes

    From your regular K9 Nose Work and Obedience classes, to the more specialized courses, we offer a wide variety of fun sessions, led by our expert instructors. We have class locations from San Diego and Orange County to Los Angeles. We partner with other training facilities, stores and offices in order to be able to provide a diversity of venues.

  • Seminars

    Our seminars are held throughout Southern California and include topcis pertaining to professional scent detection as well as competitive and fun sports, such as K9 Nose Work® and include speakers from all over the Nation. Some seminars include working spots, which usually sell out quickly. If you are interested in one of our seminars, check our calendar for the next available date.

  • Events

    We have regular events, such as drop-in classes, Odor Hunts, Mock Trials and occasionally K9 Nose Work® Trials, including K9 Nose Work® Element Trials. Check our calendar for dates and availabilities!